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The New Superlite Pro. The Superlite Pros flexibility and comfort can not be matched by any other shoe and is very popular due to the instant break in. Stamped with our trademark logo, the Superlite requires no breaking in and is the best shoe on the market for toe work. It has Poron insocks for perfect comfort. The Soundblaster tips and Hi-Tech heels are unbeatable for sound and the bubble heels make it easier to hear them clicks. This shoe is fitted half a size below the standard shoe size so it fits neat and stretches correctly. This shoe is made of very soft leather and will stretch in time. The Superlite Pro is designed for Open dancers.
• NEW FEATURE: Our new one of a kind ECHO heel for a sound like no other. The ECHO heel has specially designed holes that release trapped sound within the heels. As the name suggests, the ECHO heel echoes sound across the room and travels further than anything else. The ECHO heel is nearly 50% lighter but is just as strong as a standard heel. The ECHO heel can be fitted onto all of our open shoes from sizes 2-9.

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